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Welcome to Mission Sound Recording Brooklyn.


Drum Kits:

Studio dimensions:

Control room: 19’x22′

Live room: 27’x36′ 12′ ceiling

Iso 1 11’x13′ Iso 2 7’x8′

Equipment list


Vintage Neve 8026 26x16x24 with 1073 mic pre/eqs


Protools HD3 Accel 32 I/O

Converters: 2 Lynx Aurora 16

Mac/ Intel dual Quad 2.8GHz

Otari MTR 90 II w/Athan mods

HHB CDR recorder

(2) Sony PCM 2300 DAT recorders


(6) Neve 2254a

(1) Retro Sta-Level

(1) Retro 176 tube Comp

(1) UA Teltronix La2a

(1) 1176

(2) Voce tube optical compressors

(2) Distressors

(2) channels Summit Tube DCL200

Alan Smart buss comp

(2) Vintage Altec 438a

(2) DBX 160 VU

(2) DBX 160 xt

(2) Symmetrix 802

Chandler TG1 EMI stereo limiter

Manley ELOP stereo limiter

Studio Cue System:

Private Cue Headphone Mixing System

8 Mono 2 Stereo

5 Stations

Outboard EQ / Mic Pre:

(2) United Audio M610

(2) Telefunken v76 tube pres

(2) Neve 31114 mic pre / EQ

(2) API 550a

(4) API 512c mic pres

Lang PEQ2

2 Ward Beck parametric eqs


Lexicon 300L w/LARC

Lexicon PCM 70

Lexicon PCM 42

Eventide H 3000

Yamaha SPX 900

2 Korg sdd 2000

Roland Space echo

Lex LXP5

Digitech 256 XL

Peavey Valveverb


2 Neumann U-87

Neumann U-67 tube

Neumann FET 47

2 Neumann KM 84

Wunder 47 w/M7 Capsule

2 Beyer Dynamic M160s

2 Coles 4038

3 Josephson E22S

Sound Deluxe U 95 Tube

2 Microtech & Geffel UM 70s

2 Earthworks TC30K

2 Audiotechnica 4033

2 Coles 4038 ribbons

2 RCA BK5B ribbons

2 Reslosound vintage ribbons

4 Sennheiser 421

AKG d112

AKG d12 e

AKG 414Ubls

2 Shure SM81

6 Shure SM57

3 Shure SM58

4 EV 408a

2 Studio Projects C1

Octava Ribbon

Reslo “celeste”

(2) Mojave Audio MA100 Tube mics

AEA 44bx

EV RE 20


1886 Mason & Hamlin 88-key Grand Piano

Hammond C2 w/Leslie 147

Hammond M3 Tone Cab

Elka electric organ

Farfisa Compact Duo

Wurlitzer electric piano

Baldwin Electric Harpsichord


ARP string ensemble



’65 Fender Super Reverb

’62 Fender Bandmaster

’69 Vox AC30 w/Master volume

70’s Marshall JMP

Mesa Boogie dual rectifier

70’s Ampeg Gemini

’61 Epiphone

’68 Magnatone M10

’69 Magnatone 2×12″

’65 Ampeg B-15

Marshall JMP

Orange Rockerverb 50 watt w/Cab

Various small amps

Drums: Kits

Custom Smith Kit – 22 and 24″ kik, standard 12,13 and 16 toms

60’s Slingerland – 20″ Kik, 13″ & 16″ Toms

95 Yamaha recording custom – 20″ Kik 12, 13 and 16″ toms

Pearl MLX – 22″ Kik 10, 12, 13, 14 and 16″ toms


Smith 7×14

Smith 5×13

Brady: 14×5,14×4

Ludwig: 14×6 Hammered Brass

Rogers: 14×51/2 wood

Yamaha: Dave Weckle Custom

Pearl: brass free floating

Tama: 14×51/2 Metal

And More……


Assorted by Zildjian, Paiste and others

At Mission our staff is professional and helpful. We understand that the studio should feel like the artist’s home during a project; an organic place that is conducive to the organic process of making music.


Our classic Neve lives alongside the latest digital technology in a spacious, comfortable control room acoustically tuned by Nick WittackerChoose from analog 24 track or Protools or use both.


Our tracking room has high ceilings, natural light and oriental carpets on oak floors. There is a great selection of vintage amps and keyboards.

We have a huge living room, with kitchen, that is a clean and comfortable place to relax.

The story of our Neve


On a cold, snowy January night in 1995 I received this picture via fax. There, sitting among file cabinets and boxes was what appeared to be an 80 series Neve console. Across the top I could clearly make out at least four 2254 compressors, but when I saw the tell tale red mic pre knobs, I new that this might be the one. I enlisted the aid of Fluxivity owner and genius tech guy Nat Priest to go to England the next day to “vet” the desk. 14 long hours later he called. “It’s a 1073 desk. Buy it now” he said. So started Neve 617’s journey from it’s english home at Air and PYE studios to it’s new home at Mission Sound in Brooklyn, New York.

– Oliver Strauss
Owner, Mission Sound



Pye Neve Desk with John Turner from Neve and Ray Prickett – 1973.
Photo courtesy of Phil’s Book

And now:



Jim Abyss

Ben Allen

Marshall Altman

Richard Barone

Chris Cody

Pete DeBoer

Steve Evetts

Steve Feldman

James Ford

Lou Giordano

John Hill

Sam Hollander

Ely Janney

Alain Johannes

Jive Jones

Dave Katz

Kyle Kelso

Peter Keppler

Kevin Killen

Nathan Larson

Steve Lillywhite

Mike McCarthy

Roli Mossiman

Ted Nicely

Gil Norton

Tim O’Heir

Jon O’Mahoney

Christian “Boots” Ottestad

Mark Plati

Ken Rich

Jay Robbins

Craig Ross

Dave Sarde

Mike Shimshack

Brian Sheuble

Craig Street

Oliver Straus

Greg Wattenburg

Jim Zhivago

Your name here


Jack Antonoff / Fun / RCA

Winston Marshall / Mumford & Sons (Oliver Straus E)

Born Cages / Razor and Tie (Oliver Straus E/coP)

New Politics / RCA (Oliver Straus E/P)

For The Foxes / Hopeless (Oliver Straus E/P )

Pure Love / Mercury

Pink  (Oliver Straus E)

Elizabeth and the Catapult/ (Oliver Straus E /M)

The DuMonts/ (Oliver Straus / E / CoP)

Jay James Picton / Universal (Oliver Straus E/P)

The Black Cards/Mercury (Oliver Straus / E )

Matt And Kim/Fader  (Oliver Straus E/P/M )

Arctic Monkeys/Domino

Mike Posner/Sony  (Oliver Straus / E )

Kevin Hammond/A&M Octone (Oliver Straus /E )

Paper Tongues/A&M Octone  (Oliver Straus E/P )

The New Politics/RCA/Jive  ( Oliver Straus / E

Paulo Gonzo/Sony Europe  ( Oliver Straus / E )

Great Big Plains/We’ll know soon ( Oliver Straus / E )

Animal Collective/Domino

Lightspeed Champion/Domino

The National/Beggars Banquet

Jesse Malin/Adaline Records

Neon Trees/Mercury (Oliver Straus / E )

Eli Reed/Virgin

Carebears On Fire/S-Curv

All American Rejects / Dreamworks

Taking Back Sunday / Victory

The Starting Line / Geffen

Hot Rod Circuit / Vagrant

Say Anything / Doghouse



Chanting House

Blue tip


Mark Lizotte


Steve Johnson

Susan McKeown

Richard Barone


Girls Against Boys

Boyd Tinsley / Dave Matthews Band

Ashley Hamilton / Sony

Dante Thomas / Elektra

Cobra Starship

Metro Station

We the Kings

All Time Low

Sarah Bareilles

Nir Z

Tina Parol

Flight of the Conchords

Rosie Golan

Person L

Aberdeen City

Venice Ahoy

Alexa Ray Joel