At Mission our staff is professional and helpful. We understand that the studio should feel like the artist’s home during a project; an organic place that is conducive to the organic process of making music.


Our classic Neve lives alongside the latest digital technology in a spacious, comfortable control room acoustically tuned by Nick WittackerChoose from analog 24 track or Protools or use both.


Our tracking room has high ceilings, natural light and oriental carpets on oak floors. There is a great selection of vintage amps and keyboards.

We have a huge living room, with kitchen, that is a clean and comfortable place to relax.

The story of our Neve


On a cold, snowy January night in 1995 I received this picture via fax. There, sitting among file cabinets and boxes was what appeared to be an 80 series Neve console. Across the top I could clearly make out at least four 2254 compressors, but when I saw the tell tale red mic pre knobs, I new that this might be the one. I enlisted the aid of Fluxivity owner and genius tech guy Nat Priest to go to England the next day to “vet” the desk. 14 long hours later he called. “It’s a 1073 desk. Buy it now” he said. So started Neve 617’s journey from it’s english home at Air and PYE studios to it’s new home at Mission Sound in Brooklyn, New York.

– Oliver Strauss
Owner, Mission Sound



Pye Neve Desk with John Turner from Neve and Ray Prickett – 1973.
Photo courtesy of Phil’s Book

And now: